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Sree Gokulam Nursing College is an educational institution run by Foundation Of Non Resident Indians. This is one of the units of Sree Gokulam Group of institutions. Sree Gokulam Medical College & Research Foundation is a super specialty hospital which is the parent hospital for clinical training.
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Last Updated : 17/ 10 / 2023
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Alumni of an institution are its ambassadors. Their character, personality, achievement and recognition add great value to the positioning of Alma Mater as a prestigious institution producing high quality professionals. With the above in mind Sree Gokulam Nursing College has initiated a focused effort to launch an alumni association
Philosophy of alumni association

We the alumni of Sree Gokulam Nursing College believe in fostering meaningful connections with nursing graduates to acknowledge their professional achievements and to kindle a sense of belonging to their Alma Mater.
We believe that the alumni association will act as a platform for exchanging professional views, research development among the alumni members.
We believe that the alumni association can provide opportunities for alumni members to  appreciate the  professional standing achieved by their institute, and be a part of  this developmental process.
We believe that through the media of alumni association the members can keep a track of old students, their personal and professional achievement.
We believe that alumni association has the scope of attracting meritorious alumni to their Alma Mater which can benefit the institute and the present generation of students professionally, socially, economically and culturally.


The name of the association shall be “The Alumni Association, Sree Gokulam Nursing College, Venjaramoodu”.


The office of the association shall be located at Sree Gokulam Nursing College, Venjaramoodu

Aims /Objectives

The association will support the mission and promote the interest of Sree Gokulam Nursing College
establish mutually beneficial relation   between the college and its  alumni
maintain among its former students a spirit  of communication, fellowship and service and enhance financial resources beneficial to the college’s sustainability and growth.

All graduates who have successfully completed M.Sc Nursing, Post Basic B.Sc Nursing and Basic B.Sc Nursing from this institution shall be the member of this association.
All eligible person shall remit a membership fee of Rs. 700 at the time of graduation.
Donations from members and well wishers will be accepted.
All the alumni members will be given an alumni card, which will act as a reference for future contact with the institution.

The administrative control  shall vest with the elected committee, hereafter referred to as executive committee (elected for the purpose). Election will be conducted once in 2 years during the annual Alumni meeting.

The committee shall consist of:

Patron – Principal Sree Gokulam Nursing College, Lt.Col Prof Meera K Pillai (Ex-officio member of alumni association)
Secretary –Ms.Smitha J.S, Asst Professor, Sree Gokulam Nursing College.(An alumni member posted as PG faculty in the college is eligible to be elected as Secretary)
Treasurer – Ms.Leena, Asst Professor, Sree Gokulam Nursing College(An alumni member posted as PG faculty in the college is eligible to be elected as Treasurer)
Joint Secretary- Ms.Sini, Asst Professor, Sree Gokulam Nursing College (Any Alumni member).
Joint Treasurer- Ms.Surabhi, Staff nurse, Sree Gokulam Medical College (Any Alumni member).
Editor – Ms.Ancymol L.B, Lecturer,Sree Gokulam Nursing College(An alumni member posted as PG faculty in the college is eligible to be elected as Editor)
Duties of the office Bearers


She will have control over the affairs of the Association and shall preside over the Committee meetings and the meetings of General Body.
She will have power to convene meetings of the committee and of the General Body either on her own initiative or on the written requisition of at least 4 members in the case of executive committee and 25 members in the case of general body meetings.
The Secretary

She/ he will be an alumni member who is presently working in the institution. She/ he will have the following powers.

To receive all application for membership and place them before the Committee for enrolling members.
To maintain proper registers and records to keep in safe custody.
To keep regular account of income and expenditure of the association, and it shall be presented to the general body for approval annually.
To convene meeting of the Committee or of the General Body when authorized to do so by the President.
To keep a correct record of the proceedings of all Committee and General Body meetings.
To perform all other functions as may be assigned from time to time by the Executive Committee.
She will have the powers to operate the accounts of the association and to incur such expenditure as may be approved by the Committee.
She will get the annual statement of accounts prepared audited and such statements shall be placed before the Committee and the General Body.

She/ he will be responsible for monthly verification of the income and expenses. Will have to present the accounts in the general body meeting and get approved. He/ she will be operating the account of the association along with the Secretary

Joint secretary

She/ he has to discharge all the duties and responsibilities of the Secretary in her/ his absence.


To foster and perpetuate friendship and co-operation among the alumni through publications and newsletters

Committee meetings

The executives of the association shall meet once in six months regularly/whenever need arises

The general body meeting shall meet once in a year


ANNUAL REPORT (2018-2019)
Alumni association has organized the first Alumni meet on 19-9-19 at conference Hall of Sree Gokulam Nursing College. Dr K.K Manojan, Director of Sree Gokulam Medical college inaugurated the function. The programme was presided over by Lt.col prof.Meera K pillai,principal, SGNC patron of alumni association.

Six batch of BSC nursing students, Msc and PBBSc nursing students were honoured in the function.Election for selecting new executive members was conducted after the official function.

As per the first executive meeting held on 10-4-18 it is decided to officially launch the alumni association on 12-4-18. It was launched by our honourable chairman Sree Gokulam Gopalan by displaying the logo of Alumni association  and declared the motto of association as Alma Matre Beckons. Bank account for alumni association was opened on 25-3-19 at Federal bank, Venjaramoodu. It is operated jointly by the Alumni secretary and Treasurer.

Second executive meeting was conducted on 18-7-19, it was decided to have a alumni meet on 19-9-19, honouring our college’s 10th anniversary. It was also decided to sponsor cashawards for one student who score 75% and above in their university examination and the students who are financially backward and excellent in academic performance and conduct.

Our graduates are spread throughout the globe. Most of them are doing excellently well in the field of research, clinical nursing and medical coding abroad and in state and central government institutions. Till now six batch of BSc Nursing , MSc Nursing and PBBSc students graduated from the institution

Its our immense pleasure to mention the names of our great achievers.

Mr.Surej , BSc alumni of 2012 batch being technically equipped staffnurse in OT had many milestones in atletics and arts. He won the Indian Marathon super challenges in 2018, he was the cyruns Indian Running day Ambassador in 2019. He won the Indian star passion award for painting in 2019.

Ms.Sreepoorna from 2010 batch BSc currently working as clinical nurse manager on one of the reputed hospital in Ireland, now pursuing certified reg.nurse anaesthetist programme.

Ms. Aswathy 2010 Batch BSc working in Ireland pursuing Management course in Gerantology.

Ms. Sreelekshmi 2009 Batch won first rank in Msc Nursing (Child Health Nursing) from of nursing Trivandrum, currently working as a staff nurse in Trivandrum medical college.

Ms.Nikhila 2009 batch won the first rank in JIPMER MSc entrance examination and successfully completed her PG in OBG nursing with first rank. Now she works as a staff nurse in AIIMS Raipur.

Mr.Shihas working as RCM supervisor in NMC Bareen International hospital.

Cash Award of 5000/- is instituted by Alumni association for one student who score 75% and above in their university examination
Financial assistance of 20,000/- for the students who are financially backward and excellent in academic performance, and conduct.