The Department of Mental Health (Psychiatric) Nursing aims to foster quality nursing education for students in imparting and upgrading in-depth knowledge and skill; thereby optimizing their attitude and skill in the field of Psychiatric and Mental Health discipline which helps them to render quality services for the prevention and promotion of mental health of individual, family and community.


The faculty of Mental Health Nursing Department incorporates the science and principles of neurobiology, psychology and psychiatric nursing to mould the students as dedicated, committed and competent Mental Health Nurses.


Apart from the academic and clinical services, the department engages in community mental health services through screening, counselling and creating awareness in the public by health education. They also strive to condemn the stigma towards mentally ill among the general population and also halt the misconceptions regarding mental health and mental illness.


The Department also provides Guidance and Counselling services to the students for meeting their educational, academic, clinical, career, personal and social needs. Department also emphasis the importance of cocurricular activities in the oveall development of the students by conducting various activities like Yoga, cultural activities, sports competitions, educational competitions.


The faculty of Mental Health Nursing Department puts in their constant effort in improving the competency level   of staff through in-service education and training. The department is committed in undertaking & delivering various continuing nursing education programmes and also contribute to the nursing knowledge through independent and guided research and facilitate evidence based practice.

Department Facilities

Department of  Mental Health Nursing has a well equipped lab with various neurological & psychometric assessment tests. Our lab will equip the student nurses to acquire necessary skill and competency in application of various assessment techniques in diagnosing the disease.  A sumptuous library which enable the students to have a wide range of references with national & international jounals

Clinical Facilities

Department of mental health nursing ensures that the students are being trained at the best to emerge as a knowledgeable, competent and a evidence based clinical practitioner. Students are placed for clinical training in the Department of psychiatry, Sree Gokulam Medical College & Research Foundation  and the Govt. Mental Health Centre , Oolampara.


Sl. no. Name Designation Qualification
1 Lt col Prof Meera k  Pillai Professor MSc. Nursing
2 Mr. Harikrishna G L Assistant professor & In- Service education coordinator MSc Nursing,MPA,PGDHSR,CDM,
3 Mr. Praveen C Thulasi Assistant professor MSc. Nursing,
4 Mr. Manoj Kumar L Assistant professor MSc. Nursing,DCCN, MA psychology Scholar
5 Mrs. Saranya Clinical Instructor BSc Nursing

Department Activities:

Department of mental health nursing coordinates the In-service education of Sree Gokulam Medical College & Research Foundation, Conducts surveys in community to know about the prevalence & incidence of mental health diseases, Coordinates campus recruitment for the students, celebrates various international days, organizes various recreational activities for students to promote their mental health. Coordinates with the department of community health nursing and conducts weekly child guidance clinic in the community.