Medical Surgical Nursing department tries to confluence specialized knowledge into practice. The department caters to the needs of BSc, PBBSc and MSc Nursing students. The department aims at preparing the student nurses to become competent in managing patients at bed side incorporating the changes in practice standards. The faculty is encouraged to use traditional and innovative teaching learning methods. . The departmental research studies and CNE programs are conducted frequently to update the knowledge and skill of Nurse Educators, Nurse Administrators, Staff Nurses, UG students & Post graduate nursing students.


  • The college has a well equipped nursing lab with simulators where students are given hands on experience for various basic & advanced procedures. The department also has a splendid library.


  • The students are placed for clinical practice under the guidance of experienced teachers in our parent hospital. Sree Gokulam Medical College & Research foundation has all the required specialty areas like general medicine & surgery, orthopedics, critical & intensive care, cardiology, pediatrics, psychiatry , Eye ENT, Burns, Neurology , Urology and Obstetric & Gynecology  .
  • Students are sent to specialty hospitals like Regional Cancer Center, Trivandrum & Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences & Technology for training  .


SL.No Name of  faculty Designation Qualification
1 Mrs Haseena T A   Professor & HOD Phd Scholar MSc (N) – Medical Surgical Nursing
2 Mrs Preetha Carolin C Associate Professor MSc (N) – Medical Surgical Nursing
3 Mrs Hebsiba P Assistant Professor MSc (N) – Medical Surgical Nursing
4 Mrs Binsu A Mathew Assistant Professor MSc (N) – Medical Surgical Nursing
5 Mrs Sreelakshmi U R
Assistant Professor
MSc (N) – Medical Surgical Nursing
6 Mrs Gigi P John Assistant Professor & Administrator ( Medical affairs) MSc (N) – Medical Surgical Nursing
7 Mrs Neeraja L Assistant Professor MSc (N) – Medical Surgical Nursing
8 Mrs Soumya P S Lecturer MSc (N) – Medical Surgical Nursing
9 Mrs Dhanya Soman Clinical Instructor BSc (N)

IN-SERVICE EDUCATION:           In service Education Department is an extended unit of Medical Surgical Nursing department operating in the hospital established in June 2012.  Main objective is to improve the knowledge and competency of practicing nurses at Sree Gokulam Medical College & Research Foundation.  Policies , clinical audits, orientation capsules and need based training capsules are Prepared and implemented by the In-service Education department.